[Call for Applications] G20 Global Leadership Program (KDI School)

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KDI School of Public Policy and Management will be holding its G20 Global Leadership Program for 2021 from April 21~ June 2, 2021.

This is a blended program that will be offered using online and offline methodology. Calling upon participants to share their respective experiences, the online lectures will include lessons from Korea’s development experience with regards to growth strategies, trade and industrial policies, human development and other key development areas. G20 development agenda issues will also be addressed. Topics that may be covered during the course include how to overcome challenges to development amidst global changes in healthcare, energy, climate change and technology.


The program also incorporates a Field Study trip to Korea. This Field Study component is designed to optimize opportunities for participants to engage in in-depth discussions with the speakers and fellow G20 participants, as well as participate in activities outside the classroom that can build upon your online/classroom learnings.
* Details of the Field Study trip will be announced later in the year and will depend on COVID-19 travel restrictions.

This program has been designed for experienced managers and practitioners of G20 countries and developing countries As part of the Korean government’s dedication to the G20 Development Agenda set forth in the Seoul Development Consensus for Shared Growth, each participant will be hosted by the KDI School and the Ministry of Economy and Finance. 


Please find below the link to the online application. The application deadline is February 28, 2021.  




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