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                                                                                                    Call for Applications
                                                                                               Global Scholarship Program
The Catholic University of Korea(CUK) is pleased to announce the Global Scholarship Program for 2014-15.
The Global Scholarship Program annually offers high school students and recent high school graduates from around the world ten full-time four-year undergraduate scholarships to study in South Korea. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial and academic support to promising students especially from the developing regions of the world as well as to promote diversity and intercultural education at the Catholic University of Korea. The scholarship recipients will each receive a tuition waiver, monthly stipend, and free housing at the international dormitory. The field of study is open.
The Catholic University of Korea is a private Roman Catholic institution of higher education founded in 1855. Leading at the forefront of global education, the university has been training the next generation of leaders and creative thinkers through its intercultural and environmental curricula, programs in ethical leadership, and the recently established Hallyu Graduate School. The scholarship recipients will benefit from the multidisciplinary and international community of scholars and students, advanced learning and living facilities, and the university’s commitment to fostering global leadership and Catholic Humanism.
The Global Scholarship Program welcomes applications worldwide, and students from historically underrepresented people groups in South Korea are especially encouraged to apply. Successful applicants will demonstrate academic excellence, ethical leadership, and interest in Korean Studies. Those who evidence competency in the Korean language will be given priority. Please see below for further details on the eligibility criteria and application procedures. The applications are due 31 March 2014.
Global Scholarship Program
Scholarship Package*
• Tuition waiver (approx. $10,000 per annum)
• Housing (4-person room in the International Dormitory)
• Monthly stipend (250,000 KRW or approx. $250 per month)
* Renewal of this scholarship is contingent upon maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.0. Failure to enroll full-time (15 units per semester) and maintain a 3.0 GPA for two consecutive semesters will result in the cancellation of scholarship for the following semester. Failure to maintain a 3.0 GPA will result in the cancellation of the scholarship package. If a student withdraws from the university before graduation, the entire amount of scholarship must be refunded.
Applicants Must
• Be high school seniors or graduates at the time of application
• Plan to enroll full-time (15 units per semester) in one or more undergraduate programs at the Catholic University of Korea
• Be Non-Korean students who do not hold South Korean citizenship
• Be interested in Catholic education and Korean studies
• Be in good health
Application Requirements
• An Application Form (form attached)
• High School Transcript (official copy indicating one of the following)
1. Top 10 percent of high school class
2. A minimum GPA of 3.0
• Language Proficiency (official copy of one of the following)
• Two Letters of Recommendation (form attached)
1. The principal of the applicant’s high school
2. The applicant’s church (Catholic) or a diplomatic mission (office) in your country
• A Personal Statement (form attached)*
1. Applicant’s introduction
2. Study plan at the Catholic University of Korea**
3. Future and career goals
* Preference will be given to students who demonstrate ethical leadership in extracurricular and community activities.
** A comprehensive list of majors and programs is provided at the end of this announcement.
1. TOEFL score of 80 (iBT), 210 (CBT), 550 (PBT) or higher
2. IELTS score of 5.5 or higher
3. TEPS score of 550 or higher
4. TOPIK level 4 or higher
5. TOPIK level 3 under the condition that the student obtains TOPIK level 4 before graduating from the Catholic University of Korea
(*expenses for language training are not included in the scholarship package)
(**See for more information)
(Korean Language Education Center)
6. Korean Language Level Test 4 or higher
7. Korean Language Course Level 5 or higher
(*expenses for language training are not included in the scholarship package)
(**See for more information)
Applications are due 31 March 2014
Send your applications to (both hard and digital copies):
Mr. Isun Kwon (
The Catholic University of Korea
The Office of International Affairs (Michael Hall H209)
43 Jibong-ro, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea 420-743
*Results will be announced by e-mail in April of 2014. Scholarship recipients will be given further directions for online registration to be completed on May 20-22, 2014.
1. Application Form
2. Recommendations Form
3. Personal Statement
4. List of Majors

4. Global Scholarship Program(leaflet).pdf

2. Global Scholarship Program.pdf

3. Attachments.doc


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