2019 KDI School G20 Global Leadership Program

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This program has been designed for experienced managers, practitioners and decision makers in their respective organization who will be working in some capacity as a leader, change agent, or facilitator in promoting global development or on G20 agenda-setting. We welcome all of applications from G20 countries and emerging countries.


1. What will we do?

The intensive three-week program will include an overview of Korea's development experiences, Development Policy and G20 agenda issues such as quality infrastructure, climate change & green growth, sustainable development, international trade, aging population, 4th industrial revolution and strengthening the financial system.

The program also incorporates a three day field study tour to other parts of the Korean peninsula. In order to witness firsthand Korea’s development experiences, participants will be given an opportunity to visit key industrial and cultural sites.


2. How to apply

Please find below the link to the online application

(Link via Google engine) https://forms.gle/Mh2bprLkzQ1GtYsX7

The application deadline for the program is May 17th, 2019.    


3. Period of the Program

From July 15th to August 


For more detailed information regarding the G20 Global Leadership Program, please refer to the attached materials for your information.

G20 GLP 2nd_Leaflet_Final.pdf



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